Increased electrical activity in the brain gives convulsions of the body; Causes include the previous injury to the brain and scar formation. Rarely, it can be a tumor or structure occupying space in the brain.

Occasionally imbalances in the blood calcium etc. Several different types are there in Epilepsy Your family doctor will help you to sort out, but treated and it is useful to To find treatment depends on establishing the cause of the seizures MMns are helpful; counseling the patient is extremely helpful.

Investigations may be helpful brain waves can be studied in a test called EEG sometimes the brain scan we need to be done Focal seizures originate in one area of the brain where is the Generalised seizures rapidly spread to the rest of the brain.

Absence seizures are for 10 seconds; suddenly stop talking usually present in childhood. Myoclonus seizures present with the jerk of a limb or face etc Atomic seizures: Sudden loss of muscle tone causing a fall, there is no loss of consciousness.