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We have established an advanced molecular and genetic lab apart from routine haematology, histology, biochemistry and harmones. The molecular and genetic markers help us in diagnosis and classification of various diseases including cancer. The genetic testing not only help in diagnosis but also helps in identification of high risk patients for further treatment after conventional treatment.


Hematology and support services, including:


Urology is a surgical specialty which deals with diseases of the male and female urinary

Histo Pathology, Frozen Section

Histopathology (or histology) involves the examination of sampled whole

Immuno Histochemistry

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a method for detecting antigens or haptens in cells of a tissue

Tumor Markers

Tumor markers are substances, often proteins, that are produced by the cancer tissue


Molecular diagnostic approaches utilize nucleic acid detection techniques to analyse

Genetic Sequencing

Today there is a different scenario, in which genomic technologies can be very useful