By Breaking the taboos, misconceptions & discriminations

Myths & Misconceptions

  • Epilepsy is incurable!
  • Epilepsy is inheritable!
  • Epilepsy is a curse caused by evil spirits!
  • Just because I am epileptic, my spouse can claim for divorce!
  • Epilepsy patients connot marry & bear child!
  • By hiding from everyone, I can protect my child woth epilepsy in school!


  • Up to 70% of patients with epilepsy can become seizure-free with proper treatment. Hence Epilepsy is curable!
  • More than 90% epilepsy cases do not pass from parent to child!
  • Epilepsy is a neurological disorder of brain!
  • As per law passed by Government of India in 20th Dec 1999, Epilepsy is no more an illness to claim for divorce!
  • With proper treatment, every patient can become seizure free and can happily marry & bear child!
  • Parents should inform school authorities about their child’s condition so that school authorities can take appropriate measures to help the child when the need aries!