This is a choice to be made individually basing on the data available. There are many vaccine options available with time. In India, there are two approved vaccines at present – COVAXIN (inactivated) and COVISHIELD (Adenovirus carrier vaccine). The Phase III data of COVAXIN have not been made public despite approval and use of the vaccine for over 1 month now (approved on January 3, 2021 and started in use on January 16, 2021). This lack of data questions the efficacy of the vaccine and also adds to the hesitancy of the beneficiaries to get vaccinated.

The COVID-19 vaccination is effective and safe with the currently available vaccines. There are benefits and reservations of undertaking COVID-19 vaccination. A lot of doubt still exists about their routine use across the population. Hence, although we believe that it could be offered and made universally available to confer better immunity against COVID-19, we also agree it should be a shared decision-making process. Public education and developing trust in vaccination may be a preferred choice at the current time.

Dr P Harsha Vardhana Varma Penumatsa
Qualification : MBBS,M.D
Specialty : Chest Physician