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Oncology is a specialty dealing with cancer management, in diagnosis, staging of cancer and surgical removal of disease to cure the patient and also to give comfort like making the airway, food passes, relieving pain and side effects of treatments.

In a recent advancement of diagnostic as well as effective comprehensive treatments some cancer medication is administered before and after surgery to help suppress the growth and spread of the disease.

The technology helped further to perform radical surgeries and also preserve the functional tissues using techniques like Harmonic scalpel, minimally invasive surgeries using laparoscopy, video assisted thoracoscopy surgeries and endosurgeries with the use of lasers and other advanced gadgets.

The above technology help the patients to recover faster and minimize the hospitalization and further help in reducing the financial burden.

We have one most experienced surgical oncologist in the country who has treated more than 1,75,000 cancer patients and operated about 65,000 cancer surgeries over 30 years. The team is competent to perform any complicated surgeries in relation with cancer.

They have expertise in second opinion, minimally access surgeries, hipec and hypothermia and isolated limb perfusion in extremity sarcomas and melanomas.