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Despite the way it sounds the term “Heart Failure” simple means that your heart beat isn’t pumping blood as well as it should. Heart failure doesn’t mean your hear has stopped working or that you are having a heart attack (but people with heart failure often had a heart attack in the past), Heart failure […]

What’s Normal Vaginal Discharge and What’s Not

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Normal Vaginal Discharge

What is Normal Vaginal Discharge? Every woman experiences white vaginal discharge: a thin light fluid secreted by glands in the cervix and the vagina to wash out old cells from its lining, keeping the organ clean, lubricated and free of infection. The amount of discharge varies depending on the time in the woman’s menstrual cycle. It is most […]

Long covid

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What is long covid? individuals who continue to suffer from Covid-19 symptoms outside of the two-week period in which they are believed to be infected. This two-week period is enough time for the virus and its symptoms to be able to come and go, yet we are revealing cases in which symptoms are persisting well […]